The assessment of breath-by-breath oxygen uptake (VO2) kinetics during exercise by mathematical modelling is a valuable non-invasive way to evaluate athletic performance in swimming and other sports. VO2FITTING is a tool for dynamically modelling and analysis of VO2 responses to exercise, developed in Shiny, a web application framework for R language. When using it an explicit reference to the following study is welcome.

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Out 2020

31/10/2020 - New release 0.46 with off-kinetics models, revised documentation and bugs fixed.

Apr 2019

26/4/2019 - New release 0.450.2 with revised SQL code and an installation tutorial for Windows.

Jan 2019

24/1/2019 - Paper has been published.

May 2017

Version 0.450 launched with same features of submitted paper.

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